IT Data Analyst (Durban) (HLR6932)SalaryLocationHLR No:
Qlik Sense Developer (3-month contract) (JHB) (HLR7106)Market RelatedGautengHLR7106
Project Manager (DBN) (HLR7102)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7102
Compliance Auditor (JHB/DBN) (HLR7092)Market RelatedJohannesburg/DurbanHLR7092
Account Manager – Software services Durban (HLR7089)R10,000 - R13,000DurbanHLR7089
Technical Team Lead – Business Unit Compliance Officer (DBN) (HLR7083)Market Related DurbanHLR7083
IT Architect – Infrastructure (DBN) (HLR7080)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7080
Data Warehouse/ BI Developer (DBN) (HLR7074)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7074
Senior Developer C# / Web APIs (DBN) (HLR7073)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7073
Senior PowerBI Consultant (JHB) (HLR7062)Market RelatedGauteng or DurbanHLR7062
SQL Developer C# Consultant – BBBEE (JHB) (HLR7061)Market RelatedJohannesburgHLR7061
IT Field Technician – POS Systems (DBN) (HLR7055)Market Related DurbanHLR7055
Software Product Integration Specialist (DBN and Cape Town) (HLR7046)Market RelatedDurban and Cape TownHLR7046
Project Manager (DBN) (HLR7045)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7045
Senior C# Developer (DBN) (HLR7039)Market Related DurbanHLR7039
IT Support (F5 Load Balancer) Engineer (DBN) (HLR7053)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7053
Software Architect Developer (DBN) (HLR7026)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7026
BI Business Analyst – 6-Month Contract (DBN) (HLR7025)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7025
Linux Engineer (Bash Scripting skills essential) (DBN) (HLR7021/2)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7021/2
Senior Linux Specialist (DBN) (HLR7021)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7021
Full Stack Developer C# (DBN) (HLR6444)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6969
Data Analyst – Senior (DBN) (HLR6932)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6932
Senior Developer / Team Lead (PTA) (HLR6921)Market RelatedPretoriaHLR6921
Intermediate C# Software Developer (Upper Highway Durban) (HLR6902)Market RelatedDurban - Upper HighwayHLR6902
Identity and Access Management Engineer (Pretoria) (HLR6886)Market RelatedPretoria HLR6886
Senior Software Developer (DBN) (HLR6882)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6882
Senior Frontend UI Developer (DBN) (HLR6870)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6870
Junior Business Consultant (HLR6863)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6863
Data Analyst (Durban) (HLR6863)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6863
Software Architect (DBN)(HLR6859)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6855
Intermediate Developer (DBN) (HLR6845)Market Related DurbanHLR6845
Intermediate Business Analyst – Compliance / Regulatory (PTA) (HLR6832)Market RelatedPretoriaHLR6832
Visualisation Developer (DBN / CT) (HLR6693)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6693
Technical Writer (DBN) (HLR6637)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6637
Senior C# / JavaScript Developer (DBN) (HLR6363)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6682
Junior / Senior PHP Developers (DBN) (HLR6330)Market RelatedDurban - Upper HighwayHLR6330
C# Developer (Durban) (HLR6089)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6089
BBBEE Verification Analyst (Durban) (HLR6972)Market RelatedDurbanHLR6972
IT Manager (DBN) (HLR7120)Market RelatedDurbanHLR7120